Why Avoid Mosquito Bites?

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Mosquito bites can be a big problem especially if it transmits a critical diseases like west nile virus and malaria. As we do have different responses to these insect bites, we need to be careful with its own symptoms. Normally, other indications of a more serious infection may include fever, vomiting, body pains, and rashes. This may require that you see your physician for an extensive evaluation. Mosquito, Malaria, Gnat, Bite, Insect

These infectious bites are a result of the biting sting of the female mosquito. They are outfitted with a blade-like mouth that makes it possible for them to suck blood from your skin. The minute these mosquitoes pierce with their mouth, they transmit their saliva containing proteins as well as other digestive enzymes. Some might experience immediate itchiness and redness. But with repeated bites, others might become resistant and might no longer observe those allergic reactions grow.

Cold ice may be an immediate relief to mosquito bites. If bitten, it is possible to immediately massage a pack of ice onto the contaminated place. This may decrease redness and swelling of your skin. Calamine lotion can also be a treatment to those itching bites. With only a small amount applied to your swelling skin,  Wildlife Advertising can alleviate the itching. The aloe plant can be your instant solution for all types of bites. Just break a piece from the plant and use the gel on the infected area. Its coolness will relieve the redness and itching.

Aside from using insect repellents, there are several ways to prevent mosquitoe bites. Since mosquitoes become quite busy from dawn to sunset, try to avoid staying inside of the house. During outdoor activities, attempt to wear clothing that can protect you from those infectious bites. You can wear pants, long sleeves, and other garments that can cover your arms and legs. As much as taking the necessary precautions for ourselves, we also ought to keep a clean environment as this may become the breeding ground of mosquitoes. Empty those cans and other storage bins found outside the home. Remove stagnant water in the lawn in addition to piles of dried leaves. In case you have pools at home, make sure that you keep them chlorinated and clean. For kids, let them use insect repellents both day and night. Be sure that you apply it in their arms and thighs as well as the back of their neck. For DEET based sprays, please remember to always check the concentration to prevent severe issues.

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