Tornado’s a force of nature

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A Tornado is a violent, churning maelstrom of whirling winds sometimes full of debris which destroys everything in its path. They are one of the most violent and unpredictable forces in nature that can often strike without warning carrying innocent people by complete surprise.

Tornadoes do occur in many parts of the world but they are found most frequently in the spring and summer months over the Central Plains of the USA. In a normal year eight hundred tornadoes are reported here resulting in eighty deaths and nearly fifteen hundred injuries.

These super cell thunder storms are triggered by a special blend of cold air from the north, warm moist air from the Gulf of Mexico from the south and dry air from the desert south-west. Sustained by strong winds these ingredients can form super cell thunderstorms that can produce tornadoes.

The Fujita Scale for tornadoes was invented in 1971. It’s a scale for rating tornado intensity based on the damage they inflict on structures and vegetation. The scale reads as follows:

F0 Light
F1 Moderate
F2 Considerable
F3 Severe
F4 Devastating
F5 Annihilating

Some of the most recent recordings of tornadoes include:

May 3, 1999 ‘The Moore Oklahoma City F5’. This tornado grew for a mile wide spinning at 300 mph traveling a distance of more than 35 miles for 40 minutes. This tornado caused more than one billion dollars damage. Thirty six people lost their lives and five hundred and eighty three people were injured.

It was on the floor for 20 minutes and devastated the town of Manchester, South Dakota. A wedge tornado is the point where the distance across the tornado is larger than the distance to the cloud base in the ground. They may touch down as the slender funneled tornado and sustained by winds usually of 200 mph stir up dust and dirt enlarging the base width.

May 12 2004 ‘Attica Tornado’. This tornado was 200 yards wide and travelled 2 kilometers. It was the worst of quite a few tornadoes to hit Kansas was that year.

It caused extensive damage to several communities.

Tornadoes follow along a path determined by the storms mobile itself. If it undergoes a change in direction you must have the time to make adjustments accordingly. It is the unpredictability of tornadoes which make them such deadly forces of nature. If you must ask’how close is too close?’ then you probably are.

How does one survive a tornado? Experts agree that taking shelter under an overpass affords almost no security and it may be among the worst decisions you can make. The reason is that the higher you go up a tornado, the greater the wind speed. By ascending to the girders of the overpass there is more danger here of a wind tunnel sucking or blowing you out of the overpass.

It’s the debris in tornadoes like wood glass and metal travelling at 200 mph which causes fatalities and shreds structures in their path. Seek shelter indoors at the lowest level rather a basement. If outdoors however, take cover in a low area such as a ditch.

The threat of tornadoes will always be present and the only way to make ourselves less vulnerable to tornadoes is to build a storm shelter in our home. If you do nothing to enhance the construction of your house, you will have no security at all.

The unpredictability of tornadoes can surprise even the most seasoned storm chasers and the most educated meteorologists. These specialists spend months trying to chase down these elusive twisters but all too often tornadoes touch down where people least expect them to attack. No amount of study will render tornadoes totally predictable. There are so many environmental variables that come into play. It is therefore extremely challenging to have the ability to alert the public to the threat of a tornado.

A tornado warning is an alert issued by climate services to inform areas that a tornado or funnel cloud has been spotted or their radar show indications of a possible tornado. It is the hope of every weather forecaster that the public are taking heed of the information being supplied to them. You can find more information online about Tornado safety.

Gerbil Vs Hamster

Hamster Pet Animal Small Cute Fur Eyes Ham

Using a hamster or gerbil for a pet can be a fun experience but, before you make a decision, you need to learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of owning each creature.

Despite the fact that gerbils and hamsters are popular pet choices, the latter is not overly fond of captivity. But, gerbils will make excellent pets as long as you purchase more than one. Obviously you have the option to purchase a single gerbil but since they’re social animals you should purchase two so they can bond with one another.

Should you choose to buy many hamsters and gerbils, it is a good idea to purchase two males. Female gerbils and female hamsters are competitive with one another, but gerbil and hamster men get along well with one another. If you choose to buy a male and female gerbil or hamster, they should not be housed together, especially at a young age. You might also be interested to know that hamsters breed quickly.

Gerbils are ideal pets for children who have little or no experience caring for a small animal. This is a result of the fact that gerbils are active during the day and rarely sting. And, although hamster bites don’t cause serious danger, the bites are often debilitating. In case you’ve got young children, a hamster may not be the perfect pet choice for your loved ones.

Inexpensive Maintenance

It is not expensive to purchase a hamster or gerbil, nor do you want a massive budget to keep them as pets. Most hamster cages arrive assembled, as well as any cage accessories you might want to purchase for your pet. Keeping a gerbil or hamster cage wash is also simple to do and it doesn’t cost a good deal of money. When buying a gerbil or hamster cage, you can spend as little as $50. Likewise, you might spend $50 a year on gerbil or hamster food, depending on the brand you buy. When it pertains to these pets, their litter and bedding materials are the most expensive part of owning both of the two.

Sleeping Patterns

You ought to be aware of the sleeping patterns of any pet before buying anything. If you wish to sleep well through the night, a hamster isn’t the perfect selection for you. Hamsters don’t like to be awakened for any reason, even to play.

Gerbils are diurnal; therefore, they won’t interrupt your sleep by digging or moving around in their cage. Gerbils like to play throughout the day, which can be enjoyable for you and your children.

Escaping the Cage

When a hamster escapes his cage, he will be difficult to find and capture. You should know that hamsters love chewing on furniture and wiring. Thus, if your pet hamster escapes his cage and he chews on the cables in your home, it might cause a house fire. Gerbils are also hard to find once they escape, which is why you must buy an escape-proof cage for both of these little critters.

Do not forget that having a gerbil or hamster will require some of your time, money, and patience. Overall, gerbils and hamsters can make great pets. But they are not the right choice for every pet owner that’s the reason you should weigh the pros and cons before choosing one… or two in the event of gerbils… to bring home to meet with the family!

Different types of pickles

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Pickles are the signature of Indian dishes. Butlong gone are those days when grandmas made mouthwatering pickles and saved them in the large jars for all of the members of the home. But fortunately, the heritage story of pickles didn’t end there for all people. Many grocery businesses, domestic in addition to international are making diverse variety of quality pickles which have the similar charm of their grandma’s pickles.

If you like pickles, then this report is certainly a treat for you. Following is a listing of some of the awesome pickles with a special flavor.

What do possums eat? Most common however the tastiest one, Lemon pickle is the love of each foodie. No matter, the sort of lemons used, it always gives a massive inner joy from the gut at the conclusion of your meal. In case you have some affinity towards sour tasting meals, then this one is must strive.

Made for every Indian household, onion pickle gives both pungent and a sweet taste and can be attempted with main dishes. Onions being the major salad ingredient, its pickle may also be served as a salad with parathas and sabjis.

Definitely, it’s the perfect choice of pickle for people who love sourly and hot foods. But to retain the flavor and freshness, it has to be refrigerated while kept.

Most prefer the pickles prepared with fruits and veggies because they may be kept for longer days. But, there are non-vegetarian pickles also that are both flavorsome and soul satiating. Prawn pickle is just one of the kinds. Popular in the coastal regions, prawn pickle is made immensely delicious with ginger-garlic glue and some cold powder. But, unlike other pickles, it’s short shelf life and can barely endure for a month when refrigerated.

Last but not the least, remember about the chicken pickle. An individual can enjoy it with rice, roti, as well as dosas. A must-have for each non-vegan families, the roasted and dried spices feature to its appetizing taste like cinnamon, cloves, and cardamom. Further, to bring the taste of a skillet, some lemon juice can also be poured into it.

The list can go further because there are more varied and extensive pickles made all around the planet. In case you have not struck your taste buds of one or more of such succulent pickles, then definitely try another time. Additionally, you can try them with some crispy papads following a meal to enjoy the taste more.


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