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The Black Widow is one of the nastiest creatures on the planet, so what better way to make Grounded more cursed than by adding these enemies in? These are some of the toughest spiders in the game, bar, of course, the Broodmother Boss. Thankfully, very few black widows are present in Grounded, and are scattered around the Tier 3 Upper Grasslands areas of the maps. In this guide, we will teach you where all the Grounded black widow locations are and what you can do to prepare for them.

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Players will want to know this, largely thanks to black widows offering players some useful items, such as the Black Widow Fang, which is used in making the Widow Hood, Widow Spaulder, Widow Leggings, and the Widow Dagger. While the armor is interesting, the Widow Dagger is the main item, as it is the only Tier 3 dagger in the game, which you need for cutting at Tier 3 roots and more. There’s a reason why you want to search out those black widow locations in Grounded.

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This guide will show you all of Grounded’s Black Widow locations in the game.

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Warning, there are screenshots of black widows incoming, with the Aracnaphobia mode turned off. If you’re sensitive, be weary, and instead opt towards our interactive map and then toggle the map markers off except for the black widows, so you can see their locations on the map.

Black Widow Locations in Grounded

Okay, black widow hunters, here are the locations of the four known black widow lairs in Grounded. Their locations are as follows.

LocationMap Marker
South Moldorc CaveSouth Modlorc Cave Map Marker
Toolbox CaveToolbox Map Marker
Undershed LabUndershed Lab Map Marker
Shed Surroundings Cracked RockCracked Rock Cave near the Shed Map Marker

Note these links will take you to our interactive map marker, so you can see the exact locations on our one-for-one map.

Undershed Lab Black Widow Location

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Here is what the lair looks like in the Undershed black widow location.

The Undershed Lab is one of the final end-game labs. Players will pretty much need to follow the main story, and get access to the lab by getting the 4 Super BURGLE Chips. Once you have done that, you need to turn on the switch by Shed Decking with the fuse BURGL gives you. Once that’s done, you can enter.

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Now all you need to do is follow most of the undershed areas. As you approach the final section of the lab, you will eventually meet a black widow lair.

Shed Surroundings Cracked Rock Black Widow location.

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Here is a wider environment shot of the cracked rock black widow cave location in context to the shed.

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Next up is another black widow lair very close to the Undershed area. Here, players must travel slightly southeast from the southeast tip of the shed decking. After a short distance, players will find a Cracked Rock, which they can blow up using a Spratburst and then enter the cave. The cave area will bring you into a black widow Lair by dropping through the hole into some spider webs. Be prepared for that as it can get you killed.

Toolbox Black Widow Location

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Here is the entrance to the Toolbox black widow location via the trench.

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The third Grounded black widow location on the list is the Toolbox black widow. Players must head into the dirt trench area just east of the Toolbox. You can then follow it down, and come across some spider webbing. One bit will then head closer towards the toolbox, bringing you under the Toolbox via the cave. Here you will find a black widow and its widowlings.

South Moldorc Black Widow Location

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Here is an example of what the Moldorc black widow cave looks like.

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The final black widow location in Grounded is to the distant south of Moldorc Castle. It will take you to that grassy bluff that is further north of the hedge, and below the Moldorc site. Head towards that area, and then stay to the east side of the large stones in the middle. Eventually, you’ll come across an opening in the stones, where you can find Widowlings roaming around. The black widow is inside there, along with a Toenail too, which is another big ticket end-game item.

Black Widow Tips

Now you know the locations of black widows in Grounded, you will need a strategy to beat them. You need to know that these spiders are similar to Wolf Spiders in terms of their tactics. So, use your strategy against Wolf Spiders to beat back these Widows. Also, it’s possible to get some black widows stuck in the mouth of their cave, allowing you to freely ranged attack them. It may take some practice getting them stuck, but rest assured it can work.

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Moreso, the other thing you need to be aware of is that black widows have no weaknesses. Instead, it has many resistances to Chopping, Busting, Stabbing, Fresh, Slashing, Salty, Spicy, and Sour. The only real reliable weapons to fight a black widow include the following:

  • Club of the Mother Demon - Tier 3 melee weapon
  • Fire Ant Club - Tier 2 Melee weapon

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These weapons don’t have any elemental or weapon type category, meaning they are neutral in terms of the black widows’ weaknesses and resistances. Moreso, to make these weapons more effective, you can upgrade weapons using the Mighty elemental status when you get them to level 5. This increases the damage and durability drastically, rather than applying an elemental effect onto the weapon. This is the best equipment strategy you can use to fight the black widows in grounded.

Grounded: Black Widow Locations | Gamer Guides: Your ulti... (2024)
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