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“Why are motorcycle games so popular?” you might ask. Haven’t you ever wanted to speed down the highway, feeling the wind blowing against your skin? Don’t you ever wonder what it’s like to feel the overwhelming glory of crossing that finish line first? Well, with online motorcycle games you can experience all that and more—without any risk to your health! Motorcycles have been an action movie staple for decades. After all, what’s more thrill-inducing than a pulse-pounding shot of everyone’s favorite action hero zipping through the streets on two wheels, either chasing down the bad guy or dodging bullets from every conceivable angle? After decades of sitting down to watch movie stars play unflappable all-action heroes it makes sense that you, the viewer, would want to experience that same high—and with online video games, you can! The thrill of pulling off crazy maneuvers, power-slides and death-defying stunts is unbeatable. That’s why this high-octane motorsport is so popular in video games. With online motorcycle games, you can channel your inner Ethan Hunt from Mission: Impossible—all without ever leaving the safety of your own home.

Early Motorcycle Games

The incredibly popular arcade game, Hang-On, was released in 1985 by Sega. The game pioneered pixel-scaling, being one of the first ever to use 16-bit graphics. This technology meant that as pixel-based objects got closer to the player, they grew, simulating a 3D effect. As a result, this game and its technology acted as a pioneer for 3D graphics, even though the 3D perspective didn’t actually arrive until years later. Game designer Yu Suzuki had wanted to create a game which simulated the movements of an actual motorcycle ride—his entire goal was realism. The basic design had a handlebar and levers, and a deluxe version was created which included a motorbike-shaped cabinet where the characters’ movements relied on the player’s movements on the bike. A version was made for the Sega Master System and in 1987 an arcade sequel, Super Hang-On, was released.

In 1991, Electronic Arts came out with Road Rash. Set around California, players had to win motorcycle races in order to advance to the more challenging courses. However, Road Rash set itself apart from other motorcycle games with the introduction of a competitive battle element. Players were encouraged to ride dirty and hinder the other racers through armed—and unarmed—combat. Each track featured numerous unique obstacles for the player to avoid, with slow reaction times often resulting in the rider being knocked from their bike. This would cost the player time—and crucially, race positions—as the rider scrambled to get back on their motorcyle. Another thing players had to watch out for was the bike’s damage meter, which would decrease with every crash or brutal hit. If the meter went down too far, it was game over. The game was originally created for the Sega Genesis but, after great success, was then ported to other contemporary systems. Two Road Rash sequels were developed for the Sega Genesis and later spin-offs were also developed for other platforms. The game’s unique blend of racing and violent aspects would later be co-opted in iconic fashion by the seminal Grand Theft Auto series.

Modern Motorcycle Games

Eventually, technological advances meant motorcycle games took a leap into the future. Nowadays, motorcycle games are often accurately modelled on real-world motorsport, with dizzying levels of painstakingly rendered detail allowing race fans to experience the thrills and excitement for themselves. With motorcycle games being developed for consoles such as the Nintendo Switch and the Xbox, there are more high quality, realistic bike games than ever before.

TT Isle of Man: Ride on the Edge is just one of those games. The Isle of Man TT is one of the most grueling, demanding and downright dangerous races in motorsport, but it’s a challenge you won’t want to miss. If you can keep your concentration laser-focused throughout six laps, you’ll have the opportunity to see your name alongside some of the greatest racing champions. You can compete online, battling it out to become number one. This game just keeps getting better and better with its sequels, introducing additional tracks, new motorbikes and revamped physics.

Popular Motorcycles

Of course, we wouldn’t have these fantastic motorcycle games without real-world motorcycles! From classic and comfortable to speedy and sleek, there’s a bike out there for everyone.

  • Harley-Davidson: In 1903, William S. Harley and the three Davidson brothers revolutionized motorcycle history. Their innovation sparked a cultural shift which spread around the world. The brand has built a cult-like following, with Harley-Davidson clubs scattered across the continents.
  • Suzuki: In 1909, Michio Suzuki founded the Suzuki Loom Company as a manufacturing business. By 1937 the company had diversified into manufacturing automobiles and, in 1952, took the leap into manufacturing motorcycles. The famous “S” is recognized globally, especially due to their success in motorcycle championships.
  • Yamaha: Founded in 1955, the Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. specializes in motorcycles, boats and other electric products. The company’s first victory in international competition, alongside their progress with the two-stroke engine, saw an immense rise in sales. Since then the brand has only expanded, becoming a huge name in the motorcycle racing industry.
  • Vespa: This luxury brand of scooter has become a symbol of Italy, recognizable for its painted, unified body. After World War II, with the country in need of modern, affordable transportation, Enrico Piaggio was tasked with designing a new type of scooter. After contracting Corradino D’Ascanio, an aeronautical engineer, to create and manufacture a new design, the Vespa was born.

Games on GamePix

Here on GamePix, we’re confident we’ll have an online motorcycle game that you will love! Our biggest genre of online motorcycle games is racing, but we have a whole range of settings and backgrounds to keep you entertained! These games are quick and easy to play, so whether you want a five-minute adrenaline rush or hours of racing, here at GamePix, we have it all.

If you just want to race against the clock, why not try Moto Pizza? In this game, all you need to do is deliver pizza to customers with the aid of your trusty Vespa. Travel through the city and reach your destination before the timer runs out. You can rise up through the levels in a very short time, giving you a quick burst of action whenever you want one.


Are motorcycle games free?

All our online motorcycle games on GamePix are! Whether you’re speeding through a city or riding along a dirt-track, you don’t have to pay a single dollar! Anyone can play our browser-based motorcycle games, and there’s a game for everyone! In many of our games you can even win coins—without losing any!

Are your motorcycle games only for racing?

No! Here at GamePix, we have a whole range of online motorcycle games. If you’re not one for high-intensity thrills and you want something more relaxed, that’s okay, we still have something for you! We have motorcycle games where you can channel your inner artist, like City Scooter Ride Coloring, jigsaw-based games like Motocross Puzzle Challenge, or you can take on a more practical game such as Become a Mechanic.

What are the most popular motorcycle?

  • Moto X3M: Spooky Land
  • Moto X3M
  • Moto X3M Pool Party
  • Moto X3M Winter
  • Dirt Bike Stunts 3D
  • Moto Real Bike Racing
Motorcycle games 🕹️ | Play For Free on GamePix (2024)
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