Pool Party Ideas -Sunset Pools (2024)

Whether you’re hosting a pre-summer shindig to kick off swimming season, or you’re planning an end-of-season Labor Day celebration, keeping a stash of fun pool party ideas up your sleeve can help you turn an average pool party into a AMAZING one.

Before we get started, here are a few quick tips to make sure your pool party runs smoothly and safely:

  • Offer adequate seating and shade for your guests.
  • Provide areas for guests to change into their swimming suits.
  • Have a few extra towels and some sunscreen on hand in case anyone forgets theirs.
  • Use plastic cups or tumblers to avoid the hazards of broken glass.
  • Make sure all guests are aware of your pool safety rules (no running near pool, no diving in shallow water, etc.).
  • The pool depth should be clearly marked. If needed, waterproof tape can be used.
  • Keep plenty of finger foods and refreshments handy to make sure guests stay energized and hydrated.
  • Party favors are always appreciated, and they can be simple. Some ideas include small bottles of sunscreen, SPF lip balm, custom cups and water bottles, squirt guns or other small pool toys.
  • Perhaps most importantly,keep the pool clean. Make sure the pool water isproperly balanced, andshock the poola couple of days before guests arrive. The morning of the party, skim or vacuum debris from the pool floor and the water’s surface. Before and after the party, checkchlorinelevels in the pool, and add more as needed.

Now that we’ve covered the basics, check out these fun party ideas for throwing the ultimate swimming pool bash!


Transform your pool into an underwater oasis with this sea-themed pool party. There are so many ocean-related party themes, and you can let your imagination run wild! Pirates, sunken ships, mermaids, sea creatures, or even beachy themes can all be transformed into a fun and colorful party setup.

Pool Party Ideas -Sunset Pools (1)DRINK:Mix up a pitcher (or a few!) of this deliciousBlue Lemonade Party PunchfromGoodCook.com, and serve up a nice cold glass of blue ocean water! Create the illusion of shark-infested waters by freezing gummy sharks into ice cubes and dropping them into the drink canister.
Pool Party Ideas -Sunset Pools (2)SNACK:These sweet and tastyCinnamon Sugar Cookiesby Melissa (aka Mama Miss) look just like sand dollars. Place them in a woven basket or a plastic sand pail and show off what you found at the beach…er, I mean the food table! Get the full recipe atMamaMiss.com.
Pool Party Ideas -Sunset Pools (3)DECOR:Gather up a few colorful pool noodles to create a fewcoral reef decorationsfor the pool area. All you need is a box cutter and some wire hangers to transform simple pool noodles into something magical. For inspiration and instructions, visitCraftyMorning.com.
Pool Party Ideas -Sunset Pools (4)FUN:Go deep sea fishing with a fun pool party game you can make yourself. Cut pool noodle slices in half (will make a C-shape), then stick a paperclip on one side and a pipe cleaner tail on the other side. Finish off the fish with a googly eyeball, and create a fishing pole with a simple rod attached to a string and magnetic clasp. Put a little bit of water in a plastic tub or small wading pool, drop in the fish, and let the fun times begin! More pictures of this homemade fishing game and other fun craft ideas can be found fromHappy Tot Shelf.


Plan a staycation with a Hawaiian luau, and bring the spirit of aloha to your own backyard. Grass hula skirts, leis, pineapples and palm trees will help set the mood for this party. As an added bonus, tiki torches can double as both decoration and an effective bug repellent!

Pool Party Ideas -Sunset Pools (5)DRINK:A colorful fruity drink is just what every luau party needs. If you’re looking for a beverage that looks just as good as it tastes, try thisMai Tai Mocktail Party PunchbyLiz Call. Orange, pineapple, lime and other flavors blend perfectly together for a beverage all ages can enjoy.
Pool Party Ideas -Sunset Pools (6)SNACK:Create a sweet and spicy salsa, and serve it in a hollowed out pineapple with a small bamboo serving spoon. ThisPineapple Salsa recipegoes great with almost anything, from tortilla chips and tacos to servings of meat and rice. Get the recipe and step-by-step photo instructions atTheGunnySack.com.
Pool Party Ideas -Sunset Pools (7)DECOR:In addition to the previously mentioned decoration ideas, it’s easy enough to create your own festive props. Use sheets of cardboard or colorful poster board to make vibrant surfboards. Or, better yet, use coffee cans or cardboard boxes covered in paint and/or construction paper to create your ownstackable tiki totems.
Pool Party Ideas -Sunset Pools (8)FUN:Throw a couple pool floats, like apineappleor asun, into the water so guests can cool off and relax in the pool. Outside the water, kids and adults alike can test their skills with a hula hoop contest or a contagiously fun game of limbo. If you want to add a bit of a challenge, largeswim-through hoopscan be used to set up an exciting race or relay course.


Any time is a good time to celebrate your patriotism. Hosting a red, white and blue pool party is a surefire way to get your guests in the party spirit. Encourage everyone to wear swimming suits that match the theme. It will make for a great photo-op!

Pool Party Ideas -Sunset Pools (9)DRINK:Layered drinks add a unique touch to any party. There are recipes for versions without alcohol (InKatrinasKitchen.com) to keep everyone hydrated, but there are also adult versions of the recipe, such as thisRed, White and Blue Vodka Lemonade Slush recipefromHomemade Hooplah.
Pool Party Ideas -Sunset Pools (10)SNACK:Make sure to offer healthy food choices at your party. These adorableRed, White and Blue Cheesecake Strawberriesnot only look and taste good – they’re also simple to make! Instructions can be found atSpicySouthernKitchen.com.
Pool Party Ideas -Sunset Pools (11)DECOR:You are only limited by your imagination when it comes to patriotic pool party decorations. Blow up some red, white and blue balloons to float in the pool. Put up some American flags, and have fun with theme accents. At the food table, try out this idea forpatriotic silverware holders, featured onJust Imagine.
Pool Party Ideas -Sunset Pools (12)FUN:Grab some red and blue plastic cups, some string and a few water guns, and you’re ready to set up afun relay game. As demonstrated in a blog fromThis Grandma is Fun, this game can be set up as a relay race within the pool, or it can be made into an obstacle course that utilizes the whole yard area.


Planning a party with a classy, stylish vibe? Focus on white or bright summer colors, and keep the decorations simple but elegant. Accents of sweet-smelling flowers and strands of warm-toned lights around the pool area will keep the modern swank going, day or night.

Pool Party Ideas -Sunset Pools (13)DRINK:ColorfulWild Berry Mojitosare the perfect beverage for summertime pool parties. This vibrant co*cktail is quick and easy to make, and it’s sure to be a hit at your next pool gathering. This light, sweet mixed drink is as tasty as it is refreshing. Get the recipe online fromCooking Channel.
Pool Party Ideas -Sunset Pools (14)SNACK:Easy-to-makePesto Tortellini Skewersmake a great appetizer or mid-party snack. They take less than 20 minutes to put together, and are the perfect choice to accompany any cookout or get together. Find the full recipe and instructions on theFoody Schmoody Blog.
Pool Party Ideas -Sunset Pools (15)DECOR:Your pool party will be worthy of an Instagram post with some floating accent lights in your pool. Floating candle votives can be found at many craft and hobby stores, or you can put glowsticks into inflated balloons and toss them on the pool. However, if you’re looking for a safer, longer-lasting alternative, check out thisfloating LED lightonIntheSwim.com. This light even comes with a remote so you can pick from 24 color options, 2 brightness settings and 4 light pattern settings.
Pool Party Ideas -Sunset Pools (16)FUN:Invite your guests to participate in some watersports. Set up avolleyball netacross the pool for team play, or put afloating golf greenin the pool for group entertainment.In The Swimcarries these and many other fun swimming pool games.

There are so many other party themes, recipes, decoration ideas and activities to choose from. From simple to extravagant, there’s a party theme for everyone. When it comes to keeping your pool in top shape for the party,In The Swimhas you covered. Browse our extensive stock of sale priced pool chemicals, pool equipment, repair parts and fun accessories, or check out our massive assortment ofinformational blog articlesfor year-round maintenance of your swimming pool.


Pool Party Ideas -Sunset Pools (2024)
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