Summer Bucket List For A Teenage Girl (2024)

What do teenage girls do in the summer? They check off as many things as they can on this summer bucket list: teenage girl edition!

Make this summer the best ever with these fun ideas for having a fantastic time this vacation. From family fun to memorable day trips with friends, there are so many creative ways to make the most of your time off of school.

Read on for 100 awesome ideas for teen girls from age 13-19! Plus print your own free printable summer bucket list ideas template at the bottom of this post.

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100 Summer Bucket List Ideas For A Teenage Girl

Being a teen can be difficult. From high school drama to becoming a young woman, it is not always the easiest time in your life.

That being said, you can make this summer your best ever by planning in advance and making sure you enjoy every moment.

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Teen Girl Summer Bucket List

1.Sleep under the stars

2. Have an old-fashioned sleepover

3. Watch Grease – it’s a summer teen classic

Get more summer movie bucket list ideas here.

4. Make a scrapbook of your summer adventures

5. Read a new book every week

6. Take a bike ride

7. Spend the day at the beach

8. Go to an outdoor festival

9. Sit in the bleachers and watch some sports

10. Start a journal

11. Go for a picnic with your bestie

12. Plant a vegetable garden

13. Go to trampoline park

14. Go hiking

15. Spend a morning at yard sales

16. Make some artwork with sidewalk chalk

17. Get a job and save some cash

18. Have an at-home spa day

19. Go to a theme park

20. Bake cookies once a week

Summer Bucket List For A Teenage Girl (3)

21. Reorganize your bedroom

22. Learn to cook your mom’s signature dish

23. Invent a new smoothie recipe

24. Get a mani-pedi

25. Make a time capsule

26. Make a summer playlist

27. Have a summer romance

28. Learn a new make-up look from YouTube

29. Go camping

30. Have a water balloon fight

31. Wash cars for cash

32. Binge your favorite show on Netflix

33. Go rollerblading

34. Make epic ice cream sundaes

35. Go bowling

36. Play laser tag

37. Catch a movie outdoors

38. Ride a roller coaster

39. Plant sunflowers

40. Volunteer

Summer Bucket List For A Teenage Girl (4)

41. Paint pottery

42. Learn a new craft

43. Purge your old clothes

44. Write letters to family and friends

45. Play tennis or badminton

46. Ride in a boat

47. Go to a waterpark

48. Visit a museum

49. Go to a pool party

50. Swim in a lake

51. Attend a cookout

52. Watch fireworks

53. Go on a Ferris wheel

54. Explore a new town

55. Make a vision board

56. Bury someone in sand at the beach

57. Go berry picking

58. Watch a sunrise

59. Watch a sunset

60. Do a yoga class

Summer Bucket List For A Teenage Girl (5)

61. Go kayaking

62. Play frisbee

63. Visit a new-to-you park

64. Do a charity fun run

65. Play mini-golf

66. Go horseback riding

67. Go to a playground and go on a swings

68. Learn to skateboard

69. Take your local library summer reading challege

70. Make at least one new friend

71. Visit a farm or zoo

72. Go to a farmer’s market

73. Host an afternoon tea party

74. Attend summer camp

75. Write a poem or a short story

76. Have a dance party

77. Read a classic novel

78. Take selfies with your friends and print them off to frame

79. Start a YouTube channel

80. Go a whole day with no technology

Summer Bucket List For A Teenage Girl (6)

81. Go viral on TikTok

82. Memorize a signature joke

83. Learn a magic trick

84. Go rock climbing

85. Try stand up paddle boarding

86. Learn a new hairstyle

87. Host a Luau in the backyard

88. Buy a metal detector and hunt for treasure

89. Babysit your siblings or cousins and take them somewhere fun

90. Visit an aquarium

91. Play board games with your family

92. Visit a Renaissance fair and get dressed up

93. Create a bucket list for your next school year

94. Try on all your clothes and purge the ones that don’t fit

95. Learn to make your own lip balm or soap

96. Make homemade face masks out of avocados and honey

97. Send postcards to all your friends

98. Have a dance party

99. Make a blanket fort

100. Make some artwork out of anything you can find in the house

Free Printable Summer Bucket List For Teens

This free printable summer bucket list ideas template is perfect for planning out your summer vacation.

You can use theblank bucket list template to create your own bucket list either by hand or digitally.

Plus you can also download the pre-made summer bucket list for teens and check off each activity as you go.

Click the links below to download the free printable teen girl summer bucket list:

Summer Bucket List For A Teenage Girl (7)

Bucket List Printable

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Summer Bucket List For A Teenage Girl (2024)
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