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Labor Day is about to come, and if you’re like me, you might be wondering whether any of your favorite go-to destinations are open for this holiday. And that, too, the thought of a piping hot pizza with the whole family gathering around the box to grab a slice is worth it. So, how about heading to Papa John’s for the Labor Day holiday this year?

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If you’re a Papa John’s fan, then it’s going to be your lucky day. This restaurant chain will remain open on Labor Day 2023, like every year. Papa John’s timings remain the same on Labor Day, which is from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 a.m. The official timings of this restaurant chain remain the same, while certain locations might operate at reduced hours. So, you might want to check up with them before you head out.

Papa John’s has over 5,199 establishments in 44 countries and territories, out of which 3101 locations are based in the United States. This popular chain was founded in 1984 out of a converted broom closet of Mick’s Lounge in Jeffersonville, Indiana. It ranks as the third largest pizza chain in the United States, trailing only Pizza Hut and Domino’s. One of the USPs of Papa John’s is that if you order a pizza from PJ without cheese, you can consider the pizza a perfect vegan pizza!

Fun Fact: Papa John’s is responsible for the largest pizza delivery ever. The brand once served 13,500 pizzas to 6,000 hard-working construction workers who spent two and half years building something really important for someone really important. So, when you work hard, treat yourself with a yummy Papa John’s pizza.

In this article, you will learn about Papa John’s operational hours, its menu specials, and more. Let’s get started!

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Papa John’s Opening/Closing Hours On Labor Day

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Papa John’s Labor Day hours10:00 a.m. to 12:00 a.m.

Papa John’s remains open and serves its customers every year on Labor Day. This restaurant chain serves its customers as per its usual timings, which are from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 a.m. That said, give them a call to check their status as certain locations might operate at different timings on Labor Day.

Papa John’s is a restaurant chain that celebrates holidays with great mirth. You’ll also be happy to know that Papa John frequently offers various deals in order to stimulate its sales. So, don’t forget to check out its website for such offers, and head to the nearest Papa John’s location for a wonderful time!

But before you head out do check out some of Papa John’s specials that you must try this Labor Day.

Papa John’s Specials That You Can Try On Labor Day 2023

The top five must-try menu items from Papa John’s for Labor Day are:-

  1. Zesty Italian Trio Pizza
  2. Pepperoni Pizza
  3. Cheesesticks
  4. Jalapeño Popper Rolls
  5. Double Chocolate Chip Brownie

1. Zesty Italian Trio Pizza

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If you’re looking for a special pizza for a special occasion like Labor Day, then the Zesty Italian Trio pizza will make one wild ride. This Papa John’s pizza is definitely one of our favorites on the menu, as it offers something different than the regular pizzas. What makes this special?

The Zesty Italian Trio pizza is full of a trio of meats. You’ll find Italian sausage, pepperoni, and salami with a surprise ingredient which is the banana peppers. While the meats and cheese provide the perfect umaminess to this pizza, the juicy addition of banana peppers adds just the right amount of acidity to bring it all together. And then comes a generous sprinkling of Italian seasoning that’s full of flavors.

The Zesty Italian Trio pizza is super indulgent and convinces you to have more than just a slice.

2. Pepperoni Pizza

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If there’s one pizza that everyone loves, it’s the pepperoni pizza- simple yet absolutely delicious! This pizza comes with a well-baked dough that has a crunch and crispy edges. And then your taste buds detect the flavors of Papa John’s signature pizza sauce.

The pepperoni pizza at Papa John’s is like no other. The credit goes to the oozing cheese made using three different types of cheese – parmesan, Romano, and mozzarella. With all that cheesy goodness, it is topped with pepperoni and the good old classic Italian seasoning.

On this Labor Day if you’re looking for a traditional Italian meal to indulge in, then Papa John’s pepperoni pizza will be the best bet!

3. Cheese Sticks

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You know you’re going to get something amazing when it involves cheese and bread. And Papa John’s cheese sticks are one of such items that will delight you on your holiday feast.

Now you may think, what’s so special about cheese sticks? Well, it’s the quality that Papa John’s offers. The bread is covered in a garlic sauce before being topped with cheese. You can make it even more interesting with Papa John’s marinara dipping sauce.

4. Jalapeño Popper Rolls

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You have ordered your favorite pizza, and now you are wondering what to do with the sides available on extensive menu of Papa John’s. Go for the spicy and delicious Jalapeño Popper Rolls!

These are spicy, cheesy, and delicious. The Jalapeño Popper Rolls at Papa John’s are filled with cream cheese and jalapeños wrapped in a crusty dough ball. Despite the cheese, they’re relatively spicy but you will love this snack.

5. Double Chocolate Chip Brownie

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What’s a holiday without some sweets to binge on? The double chocolate chip brownie at Papa John’s is worth giving a try despite it being a pizza place. And if you’re a chocolate lover, then these are sure to delight you.

The double chocolate chip brownie has got contrasting textures on the whole. While the inside of the brownie is dense, soft, and the middle is super fudgy. The top has a flaky texture, which makes it irresistible. To add more awesomeness to it, the makers add chocolate chips to the brownie, which gives you the perfect bite. Now, who wouldn’t want one of that?

Similar Restaurants That Are Open On Labor Day

  1. Sonic Drive-InPlanning to have your Sonic favorites on Labor Day this year?This restaurant serves holiday meal-worthy treats to the customers, even on holidays like Labor Day. Seek out the link and check out Sonic Drive-In’s operational hours on Labor Day this year.
  2. Arby’sFrom beef burgers to great vegetarian options, Arby’s can serve everything this Labor Day that you can enjoy binging on. To know the timings of Arby’s for Labor Day and the dishes you can enjoy on Labor Day, follow the link!
  3. Little CaesarsThis chain of restaurants in another famous American pizza hub that’s open and ready to serve its customers on Labor Day. You can enjoy numerous varieties of pizzas along with satiating drinks. Click on the name of this restaurant and check out what dishes you can expect on the menu of Little Caesars this Labor Day.
  4. Dairy QueenGive a sweet finish to your holiday meal by having delicious frozen treats! By frozen treats, I mean ice creams. But ice creams from Dairy Queen are a real holiday treat. So, check out at what time you should visit this ice cream cum fast food hub to enjoy your Labor Day.
  5. Jack in the BoxMore than just a fast-food restaurant, Jack in the Box is an all-day breakfast hub. So, why not have a happy meal at Jack in the box on holiday like Labor Day? Follow the link now and read the perfect holiday dishes that you can have on Labor Day.
  6. Panda ExpressIf you feel like trying the best of Chinese cuisine on Labor Day this year, visit your nearest Panda Express. This Chinese restaurant chain is open and serving all its menu specials on Labor Day. So, check out what dishes you can try here at Panda Express on Labor Day this year.
  7. PopeyesHow about enjoying mouth-watering flavors from Louisiana Kitchen on Labor Day? Then plan your holiday meal at Popeyes on Labor Day this year. This restaurant chain has amazingly delish dishes to satiate your cravings for Louisiana flavors.
  8. KFCA bucket-full crispy fried chicken is worth a holiday meal! Are you, too, having plans to visit KFC on Labor Day this year? So, follow the link to know all the delicious menu items that you can try on Labor Day this year.
  9. Whataburger What-a-burger does to a hungry tummy is exactly “Whataburger” menu does to a holiday mood! So don’t forget to try their burger under the special offer on Labor Day this year.
  10. Jimmy John’s Jimmy John’s is a food paradise for die-hard foodies! And the good news is that this restaurant chain has decided to stay open and active for its customers on Labor Day this year. But first, check out the link to know what special you can expect on the menu of Jimmy John’s this year on Labor Day.


Papa John’s stays open and welcomes customers on Labor Day every year. This year, yet again, the chain will take orders as per its timings as usual, which are from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. However, due to it being a national holiday, you might want to check up on certain Papa John’s locations as they might operate at different hours.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Papa John’s open on Labor Day 2023?

Papa John’s will stay open on September 4, 2023, Labor Day.

What will Papa John’s working hours be on Labor Day 2023?

Papa John’s working hours on Labor Day will remain the same as its usual working hours, which are from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 a.m.

What menu items can you enjoy at Papa John’s on Labor Day?

The top Papa John’s menu items that you should try this Labor Day are zesty Italian trio pizza, pepperoni pizza, cheese sticks, jalapeño popper rolls, and double chocolate chip brownie.

What beverages does Papa John’s offer?

Papa John’s beverages include Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Diet Mountain Dew, Diet Pepsi, Pepsi Zero Sugar, Sierra Mist, and water, juices, ginger ale, and coffee.

Is Papa John's Open On Labor Day 2024? - TheFoodXP (2024)


How to save money at Papa Johns? ›

One of the best ways to save money on pizza with us is to create a pizza rewards account. By joining our Papa Rewards program, every purchase you make earns you points toward Papa Dough. The more points you earn, the faster you get the Dough, which can be used for any of our menu items and never expires.

What is the Tuesday special code for Papa Johns? ›

It's TERRIFIC TUESDAY - which means 50% OFF all. pizzas at Papa John's 🍕 - use promo code: “TERRIFIC” - Online orders only 🤗

Can you eat Papa Johns the next day? ›

Well, the good news is you can tuck into your lovely leftovers the next day as soon as they're reheated. However, it can be difficult to reheat your pizza without making your crusts go soggy, which is never ideal for a pizza fan.

What is the Papa Johns free cookie code? ›

When you order online from Papa John's right now, you can apply the promo code PJCOOKIE and get a free chocolate chip cookie with your order. To get this deal, simple visit Papa John's online and add at least $12 worth of food to your cart (not counting the cookie) and apply the promo code before checking out.

What place has the cheapest pizza? ›

  1. Pizza Hut. Price: $5 'N Up Line Up Menu – 2 Or More, Starting At $5 Each. ...
  2. Domino's Pizza. Price: Mix & Match Deal $5.99 each when you choose two or more. ...
  3. Papa John's. Price: $9.99. ...
  4. Cicis. Price: $6.99. ...
  5. Little Caesars. Price: Starting at $5. ...
  6. Blaze Pizza. Price: Starting at $5. ...
  7. Uno Pizzeria & Grill. Price: $6. ...
  8. Gatti's Pizza.
Feb 7, 2021

How to make Papa John's cheaper? ›

Email and Text: Subscribe to receive emails and/or text messages from Papa Johns that include weekly discounts on menu items. Text “START” to 47272 to begin. Mobile App: Download our app from the Apple Store or Google Play to get access to exclusive promo codes and offers.

Can you eat 2 day old pizza not refrigerated? ›

"Pizza is considered a perishable food and if left out can cause bacteria to grow and lead to possible foodborne illnesses such as [those caused by] Staphylococcus aureus, E. coli and Campylobacter," Sedlacek adds. "Bacteria often grows on food when it's in the 'Danger Zone,' which is between 40°F and 140°F.

Can you eat a frozen pizza that has been in the fridge? ›

Thawed frozen pizza is safe if kept in the fridge for up to 2 days. Check for bad odors, mold, or odd textures to ensure it hasn't spoiled.

Is 5 day old pizza ok to eat? ›

According to the USDA, if the pizza has been refrigerated at a temperature below 40 degrees, its only safe to eat for up to 4 days. The USDA says that after 4 days, you run the risk of getting a food-borne illness, such as Salmonella, norovirus, or other diseases with horrifying Latin names.

What is the Papa Johns promo code for Nats 50? ›

Papa Johns DMV's posts

today with promo code NATS50! Available at participating MD, VA, & DC locations. today with promo code NATS50! Available at participating MD, VA, & DC locations.

What is the SM25 code for Papa Johns? ›

What Is the SM25 Code for Papa John's? According to our coupon data, SM25 was a popular, long-running Papa John's deal that discounted 25% off menu items sitewide.

What is the 12 digit code on a Papa Johns receipt? ›

What is the 12-digit code on my receipt? If you're not a Papa Rewards member, you can use the 12-digit code at the bottom of your receipt to claim points for that order when you join. This code adds points to your Papa Rewards account, so you get a head-start towards earning Papa Dough.

What is the Papa John's 8.99 promo code? ›

Papa John's Pizza Tri-Cities - Large 3 topping pizzas for only $8.99 each at with promo code "899pizza" every Monday through Wednesday! | Facebook.

What is the SM25 code for Papa John's? ›

What Is the SM25 Code for Papa John's? According to our coupon data, SM25 was a popular, long-running Papa John's deal that discounted 25% off menu items sitewide.

What is the Papa John's promo code CAPS50? ›

Papa John's CAPS50

It's time for some Playoffs Papa John's! You'll get half off every regular menu price pizza the day after the Washington Capitals win! Enter promo code CAPS50 at

What is the promo code for Papa John's 50% off Nats? ›

Available at participating MD, VA, & DC locations. today with promo code NATS50! Available at participating MD, VA, & DC locations. today with promo code NATS50!

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